Student Walkout + Rally

Join students across Pittsburgh’s high schools and universities in a citywide walkout, in solidarity with women, youth, and working people striking worldwide on International Women’s Day!

WALKOUT at 3:08pm on Thursday, March 7 → go to Schenley Plaza, Oakland, for a multi-school RALLY!

– End sexual assault and discriminatory practices on campus!
– Defend and extend Title IX protections, LGBTQIA and reproductive rights!
– Fair wages and working conditions for all campus workers!
– End student debt and tuition hikes!

*Why 3:08?*
March 8th is International Women’s Day! Students will walk out and rally on March 7th, and all students and workers are welcome to attend a citywide rally the next day, Downtown at 4pm!

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Last year millions of students walked out in protest against the US gun violence crisis, racist police brutality, and NRA-funded politics. Teachers continue to strike across the country for public education funding as part of a growing #RedforEd movement, and #MeToo has been hitting the streets as food service and tech workers walk out against workplace sexual harassment. In Europe, thousands of young people are walking out on #FridaysforFuture against corporate wrecklessness and the wealthy elite’s inaction to end climate change.

Students face massive student debt, while the cost of living—from housing to healthcare—continues to rise and wages stagnate for all workers. Meanwhile, women and non-binary people face Trump’s and the far right’s attacks against Title IX, LGBTQIA protections, and access to reproductive healthcare. Fears of white supremacy terrorize immigrants, people of color, and Jewish people in our communities. Rape culture continues to plague campuses, and faculty members often resign due to gender discrimination and harassment at work. Institutions oppose student workers’ and faculty’s attempts to unionize, while campus staff are often underpaid and mistreated.

All these struggles are connected. From sexism and transphobia to racism and xenophobia, capitalism fuels systemic inequality, oppression, and violence while a small, privileged elite benefits.

We say enough is enough–we deserve a better future, a better city, and a better world; together we can organize to win it!