Democratic Socialists of America, Pittsburgh Chapter

As a socialist feminist organization, the Pittsburgh chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America is proud to co-sponsor the Pittsburgh International Women’s Strike. We believe that patriarchy and transmisogyny, at all levels and in all dimensions, are deeply connected to economic exploitation by the capitalist class, along with structural and institutional racism, imperialism, and militarism. We believe that violence against women comes in many forms including the physical and psychological violence inflicted by misogyny, white supremacy, homophobia, and transphobia, and the economic violence inflicted by poverty, debt, and other mechanisms of capitalist exploitation. Direct action has long been a successful means of achieving revolutionary change in our society, and as such we support this strike action as a tool for dismantling the capitalist patriarchy.

Socialist Alternative, Pittsburgh Chapter

International Women’s Day is being commemorated with special enthusiasm this year by members of the parties and organizations affiliated to the Committee for a Workers’ International (CWI), of which Socialist Alternative is one. It is a hundred years since women workers of Petrograd chose this day to take the action which sparked the historic Russian revolution. It is also the day on which millions worldwide will be on the streets to denounce the reactionary views of the newly elected president of the United States, especially towards women.

The CWI welcomes all the calls for action around the globe on March 8. A “global strike” or even action will not happen in every major country, but where the idea of action is being put forward, we encourage the maximum possible participation of men as well as women, rejecting the idea that only women should be fighting on “women’s issues.” We need to highlight the importance of a program of women’s rights to be taken up by the whole movement in the course of the broader struggle for socialism.

GLCC of Pittsburgh

The Gay and Lesbian Community Center of Pittsburgh recognizes that queer liberation is directly related to the liberation of women and the liberation of the working class. Just as men in positions of power police women’s bodies, those same men police queer relationships and subversive gender expression. At its root, all of this oppression is about controlling people who do not sit at the top of the hierarchy. Many members of the queer community identify as women and are doubly affected by the oppressive practices society takes part in around the world. The queer community must stand in solidarity with the women of the world because an injury to one is an injury to all.

Party for Socialism and Liberation

Facing the all-out assault by the Trump regime on women’s rights, March 8 International Women’s strike is a crucial moment to build solidarity and escalate the fight for women’s rights whether it is for equal rights, reproductive rights, maternity benefits or paid parental leave, all essential components in the class struggle.

Planned Parenthood of Western Pennsylvania

For nearly a century, Planned Parenthood has been a leading provider of women’s access to reproductive health care. And for more than 40 years, we have been working globally to advance sexual and reproductive health care by supporting partners across Africa and Latin America. On March 8th as people around the world focus on women’s rights, PPWP will stand with our community and provide the care and compassion that too many women and families deserve but do not receive. Now, more than ever, as our rights are under attack and our contributions to society are being taken for granted, supporting working women will be critical for our collective movement to protect and expand upon the progress we’ve made.


Calligramme recognizes the power in collective activism. Striking for those who do not have the privilege or opportunity to offers solidarity to disenfranchised women who may feel they do not have a voice. Standing together, making time to listen and connect with struggles we have been protected from as part of our own privilege, is a direct action that falls in line with our core business ethos in support of workers rights. With the origins of this March 8th collective action being rooted in the history of New York’s garment workers and Calligramme’s mission to promote diversity empowerment through domestic manufacturing, it is without reproach that we commit to spending March 8th, 2017 in solidarity with working women, women of color, Native women, disabled women, immigrant women, undocumented women, Muslim women, lesbian, queer, trans women and non-binary individuals. We are committed to promoting basic human decency and working to define what that concept looks like for us a woman-owned, sex-positive, community stakeholder.

Women of Steel

Western PA Fund for Choice

The Union Edge

Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom

Joan Shop + Studio

The Vandal

Pittsburgh Raging Grannies

Green Party of Allegheny County

Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents

If Not Now Pittsburgh

Jewish Voice for Peace

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