See Photos & Press Coverage for additional information on last year’s efforts. Our 2017 press release can be viewed here.

On Wednesday, March 8th, International Women’s Day, hundreds of women and our allies joined the PGH International Women’s Strike #M8. We are proud of the speakers and organizers who were committed to the principles of our platform, who amplified a unified message that we will establish and maintain together in Pittsburgh.

We began last year as urgency was stirred up when the Pittsburgh DSA when the Democratic Socialists of America endorsed International Women’s Strike. Arielle Cohen (Data Analyst and Community Organizer) and Emily Fear (Teen Librarian) of the Pittsburgh DSA met with Krystle Knight (Fight for $15, IWW) and Marcela Anita (Doula & Childbirth Educator) and Casandra Armour Capri (Socialist Alternative) to figure out the next steps for our city. Seeking to mobilize grassroots groups, organizations, collectives, and coalitions, we held public planning meetings facilitated by Emily, Krystle, Arielle, and Casandra.

We planned with working women, non-binary folks, and allies associated with Pittsburgh DSA, Fight for $15, IWW, Planned Parenthood of Western Pennsylvania, Socialist Alternative, The Union Edge, Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, Western PA Fund for Choice, Women of Steel, and more. Sponsors included the GLCC of Pittsburgh, Party for Socialism and Liberation, Calligramme, Joan Shop + Studio, The Vandal, Pittsburgh Raging Grannies, Green Party of Allegheny County, Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents, If Not Now Pittsburgh, Jewish Voices for Peace, and One Pennsylvania.

Speakers who convened at the Downtown rally and demonstration included Alisa Grishman (Access Mob), Blak Rapp Madusa (1Hood), Jess Semler (Planned Parenthood of Western Pennsylvania), Rosemary Trump (First female VP of SEIU), Edith Bell (Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom), Alaa Mohamed (Islamic Center of Pittsburgh), Jessie Medvan (Veterans for Peace), Brenda Solkez (Party for Socialism and Liberation) and Rachel Nunes (Women of Steel).

Our power and passion coalesced in a truly memorable and powerful event that we hope fosters stronger ties to one another and helps us build on this momentum. We aspire to make this an annual event and continue to strengthen coalition in the upcoming months and years. We learned a lot from this process and are committed to providing more resources and structure to our framework with your help.

We are so appreciative of our sponsors and those who lent a hand without formal acknowledgment. Please stay connected with us on this page and inform us of your upcoming projects so that we can share them as well.

Thank you so much for your commitment, the time and energy you all gave to make this day possible.

In Solidarity,
The Pittsburgh International Women’s Strike Coalition

We would like to thank our sponsors who are committed to sharing our platform of social and economic justice for women across the world. Feel free to download our press release, and do not hesitate to contact us with any inquiries about our experience organizing this event.

Check out our Press & Photos page for a recap of this year’s strike and rally!

For further readings about radical feminism, visit this bibliography. 

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